Student 2017 – Swedish high school graduation day

The Whole Town Celebrates Graduation Day.  For the most part the guys are wearing suits and the girls are wearing short white dresses. The student cap (studentmössa) is the only official part of the graduation outfit, since the mid-1800’s. The first year, I’ve just been in town and seen all these young people in white hats milling about on the backs of trucks and tractors. They’re screaming and shouting and listening to loud music. Sweden’s streets are filled with high school students in jubilant mood. What’s going on?

At a distance all you can see is a sea of blue and white student hats (resembling sailor hats) being driven around town by trucks and tractors – constantly beeping their horns to draw attention. I could hear it all from a 15 minute walk away. The graduates are blowing whistles and horns of their own; shouting, dancing, and singing to blaring music. Each truck or tractor (there were maybe 8) is decorated with balloons, leaves, branches, and a hand painted sign made by the now-former-students. Their mobile dance party drives around town for about an hour, causing commotion and getting attention.


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